Let's have some cake!

Unfortunately, last weekend was nothing like "I'll lie down on the couch and have a good time with a nice cup of tea". No, we were busy. Together with the LIPP bakery we created great content in their beautiful branch in Pfronten. We literally took the store apart and put every beautiful spot in front of the lens.

The LIPP bakery is a modern family business that can look back on over 130 years of traditional baking. Nothing is left to chance here: all the ingredients for the delicious cakes, fine sandwiches and fluffy rolls are sourced from the local area. Even the chocolate can be traced back to the cocoa farmer. He doesn't live that close, but he benefits from fair pay and social working conditions.

The nice thing about ceramics is that you don't just have to deal with beautiful dishes, but also with food. After the work was done, we sat comfortably together and drank the (unfortunately cold) tea and coffee from our cups and were also able to taste the delicious cakes and lunch dishes at LIPPs.

We would like to say thank you very much for the lovely and uncomplicated collaboration! We are already looking forward to the next time :)

Anna Steiner