A weekend with friends

We are happy to have such great friends by our side and that's why we invited you to a cabin in the mountains to relax and spend time together. You can enjoy the fresh mountain air, hike, toboggan, ski or just enjoy the peace and quiet and drink coffee or tea from an EDDA cup.

getting there

Getting to the hut was easy because with a permit you can drive just below the hut.


Once you arrive, enjoy the view and drink an EDDA cup of coffee. After that was for big and small games. In the afternoon we climbed a nearby peak.

At evening

When we arrived back at the hut in the evening, we warmed up around the campfire


A weekend at a cabin with friends is a great way to relax and spend time together. It's an experience you'll never forget.

Here are a few tips for a successful weekend in a hut:

  • Announce the weekend well in advance so that all friends can look forward to it.
  • Plan together what you want to do.
  • Be flexible and let the situation guide you.
  • Enjoy the time together and the beautiful nature.

Anna Steiner