Let's move and get some inspiration in the backcountry.

Far too often we find an excuse why we don't have time for life balance. But last Wednesday my husband persuaded me and we went on a ski tour together. I love it! My personal track machine in front of me and me behind. With every step I take in nature, I feel my battery charging and my mood rising. I absorb the moment and let myself be inspired by the colors around me.

This frees my head for new ideas and gives me strength for upcoming projects. I also enjoy the time with my husband and the conversations we have during the climb. A cup of herbal tea from EDDA rounds off the tour.

The magic of the moment comes from earning something. We walked from the valley to the summit and deserved the great descent and the warm tea from a stoneware cup. When you've accomplished something, it tastes much better.

I'm already looking forward to the next ski tour Wednesday.

Anna Steiner