In Germanic and Nordic mythology, the earth beneath one's feet is perceived not just as mere ground, but as a higher being, a feminine force and goddess. She is the source of all life and knowledge - fertile, wise and powerful. She knows everything about the past, present and future. Erda, or Edda, is not just the earth, but an expression of all of nature.

We want to convey and communicate this expression and beauty of nature to the outside world through our idea and mindful lifestyle with our ceramic tableware. Ceramics made from high-quality clay minerals and quartz straight from Edda's womb.

In our habitat, the Alpine cultural landscape, nature is still very present and an important habitat for a large number of animal and plant species. Nevertheless, the landscape is shaped by human use of the Alps. However, people still have respect and awe for the power of nature and usually act in symbiosis with it. That's why many customs from Germanic mythology are still lived and maintained.

You can believe what you want, but a little more respect and love for our Edda would solve many problems today.

Ceramics from Edda's womb to the shop